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We at ErreBi Group are expert cablers, structured to manage the production and supply of various types of wiring, electrical panels and high quality electrical components. Thanks to years of work and research, we are one of the best equipped companies in the area in terms of automatic machinery and management software. The meticulous training that distinguishes the preparation of our staff has over the years led us to possessing a broad knowledge of wiring - this allows us to bring the best of one sector to another and to find solutions to often insurmountable problems. 

Our history, past and future challenges

2020 - 2021 - ErreBi Group and the international challenge

Without a doubt, 2020 is the year of internationalization. The company goes ahead with its corporate restyling and continues the internationalization process. The logo, graphics and subsequently even the website and communication materials change. 
Unfortunately, 2020 is notable for the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, thus part of our production capacity is diverted to the production of electronic components for medical devices. 
Between the end of 2020 and the start of 2021, the company launches the new company website and the restyled, fundamental steps in the internationalization process. 
In 2021, given the significant increase in services and production capacity in previous years, the company invests in a new building, expands the production area to 2200 square metres and divides production into two companies:

  • ErreBi group for the production of electrical panels, electromechanical assemblies and mechanical processing;
  • ErreBi cablaggi for consulting, customization and customized production of electrical wiring.

2016 - 2019 - The web challenge

It is in this three-year period that we take on the challenge of the internet; the company is enhanced with the platform that allows our getting in touch with end users, even when only for the purchase of small quantities of products otherwise difficult to find.
The competitive offer, the high number of specific products and dedicated purchase assistance allow us to rapidly grow our online presence for the products and services we know best. 
In 2019 the restyling of the company website starts, in order to meet the needs of a constantly evolving digital world and to better communicate the new types of processes that our continuous commitment to research has allowed us to implement: 
3D prototype printing, CNC machining, laser cutting and laser engraving, just to name a few, are welcome newcomers to our manufacturing processes.


In 2010, key figures in production management were introduced who, in unison with the quality office, reorganize the entire production department, in starting to make use of the kanban method, increasing productivity, decreasing production waste and optimizing the purchase of raw materials with significant advantages - especially to the customer, who begins to experience an even more reliable service and same-day deliveries.
In 2011, the company manages over 10,000 items that regularly turn over in the warehouse and adds significant automatism for warehouse management. Additionally, some members of the staff acquire the IPC620 certification thus increasing the degree of reliability of the company itself.
In February 2012, the company purchases a software system, which proves an immediate winner with clients, for the design and implementation of technical drawings for both wiring and panel boards.
In January 2015, after a year of research, design and development, the company opens its own e-commerce site, which is immediately linked to the existing marketplaces, unifying the management into a single process and consequently optimizing the order preparation/fulfillment times.
2015 is also a very important year with regard to the acquisition of new certifications, as from November, the company becomes a UL producer, with the ability to certify the product for the North American markets of US and Canada, thus opening up to new markets.

2004 - 2009

In this period, the company enters the panel board sector for the first time, producing the first onboard panels. But the real turning point in this sector takes place in 2009 with the birth of ErreBi cablaggi srl, which immediately opts to develop a new division for the construction of electrical panels, starting with the recruitment of qualified personnel and investing in training and adequate equipment for the sector.
In the final few months of 2006, sales volumes increase so much that the need to find a larger production site arises. Accordingly, in April 2008 the company moves to new premises located within the municipality of Reggello - around 20 km from Florence and only 2 km from the motorway exit - optimizing the production department as well as facilitating the transport of goods.
In this period, new automatic machinery is purchased that allows the company to become one of the companies at the forefront of the sector.

1998 - Origins

To trace our origins, we have to go back to July 1998, the year in which the family-run sole proprietorship business was set up, which in July 2009 would become ErreBi Group Srl.
Since the early years, the company has invested in machinery with latest generation technologies, soon establishing itself among the most reliable electrical wiring producers domestically, expanding the customer base month after month and gaining ever more loyalty from existing clients, acquiring competence and becoming a real benchmark in the sector.
Only two years after its inception, the company decides to specialize in mechanical assembly, to offer greater service/support to the customer, structuring mechanical part assembly lines and, in addition to wiring, starting to supply semi-finished cabled products and indeed even finished and tested products.
In the first few months of 2002, thanks to strong growth, the company takes a further step forward in terms of reliability by acquiring ISO 9001 certification, sought immediately and obtained in January 2003.


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