ErreBi cablaggi is organized for the supplying of various types of wiring: the huge investment made over the years in the research and study of raw materials, on meticulous staff training and on job differentiation based on the product type, today offers us the possibility of producing for totally different sectors, minimizing the margins of error and maintaining a high-quality standard. Therefore, our fully comprehensive knowledge of wiring from A to Z offers us a complete view of the possible issues the client could encounter, always managing to offer optimally effective solutions.

The entire production process is monitored at a qualitative level by a management software system, which indicates to the operator the checks and interventions to be carried out in each phase. Consequently, the operator draws up reports regarding what emerged from the preliminary analysis, following each step of the production process from the warehouse to the packaging of the final product. Therefore, the quality is ensured by complete traceability of the archived orders, allowing tracing of useful information and details even after many years. The work of the warehouse is in turn facilitated by a special algorithm that allows the software to combine multiple orders based on the chosen search criteria, meaning  shortening of the picking times and, accordingly, our being more competitive from an economic standpoint.

Production process

Undoubtedly, the first phase of the production process is contact with the client. In order to better identify their needs, it is necessary to evaluate a technical drawing of the requested product or a sample of it. The preliminary assessment is essential for being able to indicate to the client an adequate response regarding the feasibility of the service and above all the exact timing to provide for production and delivery. Once the details of the client's request have been analysed, a detailed quote is drawn up on the entirety of the service to be executed, presented with a cost table and a possible shipping date. The client may have the right to request samples of the product, in order to assess the quality of the service first hand before definitively confirming the project and thus starting the production process. As stated above, each phase of production is meticulously followed by both the monitoring software and by specialist operators, minimizing the possibility of errors and verifying the quality of the end product with final tests and inspections. Delivery to the customer therefore only takes place at the end of careful quality checks, in compliance with the initial requests and in anticipation of possible difficulties or issues that might occur over time.

Receipt of schematic and specifications

As indicated, it is essential that the client guarantees their fullest collaboration in providing precise and accurate data about the requested service, perhaps accompanied by a sample or a technical drawing. Allowing our experts effective preliminary analysis is the client's full interest, as this is how to make the avoidance of further checks, clarifications, requests and inspections possible - which, although inevitable in order to start production effectively, would also take up time that might instead be used in the immediate start of the works. In order to draw up a reliable, detailed estimate, awareness of every single specification of the proposed project is necessary, which only becomes possible on receipt of all the necessary elements.

Subtitle 3: Quote Formulation

On receiving the product schematic accompanied by all the information necessary for the preliminary analysis, it becomes possible to formulate a detailed estimate illustrating the costs and delivery times to the client. Clearly, everything can vary depending on the volume of production and its complexity, since each type of wiring may have a simple structure or one involving the use of a greater number of components. On accepting the quote, the client has the option of requesting a sample of the product ordered, to verify its suitability and in this way be able to confirm the start of production for the entire amount. The sample can be presented in a photo or, if possible, in person to the client, who can make use of this service free of charge in the case of particularly simple wiring. In cases where the sampling is of a more complex nature and therefore requires an extra payment, it is our frequent practice to, if an order is placed, offer a partial discount on the total requested - therefore allowing the client to recover a percentage of the amount paid. Upon client confirmation, and in the absence of anomalies found in the documentation provided, production can thus definitively go ahead.

Wiring production and testing

The entire production process occurs fully computerized, with the documentation passing in electronic format on the diagrams present at the various workstations. The first step falls to the technical office, which adds the bill of materials, defines the various phases on the management system with the respective internal processes and creates the technical drawing (if not already provided by the customer). 
After a technical specialist makes a general check that the data have been entered correctly, the process is validated and passed to the production manager, who sets out the order timings and chooses the operators to be attached to each individual phase based on the skills required. Once the workloads and processing times have been calculated, an order form is generated to send to the client. 
At this point, each operator's calendar is updated with the new order, which is processed on the basis of the division determined on the days set out. Thanks to the accuracy of the software, it is possible to gradually monitor the progress of the order, trace who is working on it at the time of verification and also check the emergence of any anomalies during the production process to bring to the customer's attention.

Final check and delivery

Even with the completion of all the intervention phases, the process may only be considered finished at the end of a further quality control and a test to verify the functionality of the final product. Also in this case, our employees' precision and meticulousness is fundamental, since it is the last step before the packaging phase and shipping to the client. When the operator has completed the checks and validated the compliance of the job, the order is packed, labelled and identified by a bar code, from which a transport document is generated for delivery. From the moment the courier picks up the package, the customer is sent a tracking number to monitor the route and timing of the final delivery. 

Machining and process automation

Without doubt, we are among the best equipped companies in the landscape as regards the availability of automatic machinery designed for the processing and production of all types of wiring
Among the numerous types of processing that we carry out, thanks to our equipment we are able to perform the following types of processing, automated

  • Cutting, seaming, faston covering;
  • Processing of terminals with rubber sealing washers;
  • Crimping of insulated and non-insulated cable terminals;
  • Injection moulding;
  • Processing and crimping of ribbon, flat and FFC cables;
  • Cutting, sheathing and stripping of multipolar and coaxial cables;
  • Automatic cutting of rigid and flexible sheaths;
  • Automatic welding;
  • Inkjet marking of cables and components;
  • Laser cutting, 3D printing and CNC.

Our ability to carry out all the processing necessary for wiring production, alongside job differentiation and the competence of the personnel for each sector processed together allow us to work in various fields in the sphere of consulting, production, testing and installation of wiring.


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