The choice of the right wiring may seem practical and straightforward, but it is really only thus in the eyes of a person who is not particularly experienced in the field. As in many other sectors, “doing-it-yourself” is convenient only in appearance: it may seem faster and less expensive, but the reality is, however, totally the opposite. A hasty, uninformed choice can lead to the selection of unsuitable components, with a structure that is unsuitable for the required use, perhaps designed for a different activity and which, once implemented, does not guarantee the expected performance, inevitably weighing on costs. Our consulting service, on the other hand, puts our knowledge of structuring and planning the components for wiring at the complete disposal of the customer, seeking to customize the search as far as possible according to their actual needs, speeding up the selection process and at the same time reducing costs.

What does the consultation consist of

As mentioned, the goal of timely advice with attention to every detail is to optimize the wiring by choosing exactly the right components for the required function, identifying the right quality / price ratio to benefit the customer as much as possible. Those who think they might be able to evaluate the ideal wiring independently often risk taking into consideration only basic factors such as the dimensions and regulations to be respected in the installation, neglecting other characteristics that are nothing short of fundamental. Our consultants on the other hand, having extensive knowledge of the production process behind the creation of the wiring, are able to go into far more detail: a simple example might be the structure to be used and consequently the specific components that best suit the wiring to apply. Sometimes it is precisely these details that make the difference in terms of optimizing not only the quality of the wiring and its actual performance, but also the total cost of the intervention. When in doubt, or when you realise that you are not as knowledgeable as you could be about a particular sector, relying on experts is always the best way forward in order to select the most suitable service for your needs and at a price befitting of the intervention required.

What sectors do we operate in

Having first-hand knowledge of the entire production process of components and wiring means we know how to adapt our products to every kind of sector and apply them for different functions. Our consulting service is capable, therefore, of operating in seemingly very disparate fields, safe in the knowledge that they are up to the task and able to fully satisfy the client's requirements. The sectors we work with range from campervans, to industry and the telecommunications field. We also frequently undertake collaborations in the railway and automotive sectors, and even in the aerospace and electromedical sectors.

As you can see, there are practically no limits for the possible applications of our products, as we have been able to overcome them thanks to the versatility of our work and above all to the skills of our highly trained staff.

Frequent requests

Given the wide spectrum of sectors we deal with on a daily basis, the type of requests submitted to us by customers multiplies accordingly, in keeping with offering as personalized a service as possible according to individual needs. Among the most frequently recurring needs there is undoubtedly that of a substantial improvement in the wiring layout, since, if not perfectly adapted to the type of machine, this can affect its correct and effective operation. Indeed, requests for wiring layouts is often in relation with the need to speed up assembly on the machine and thus reduce installation times and costs. The search for wires suitable for the specific application is sometimes long and complex, but with the right advice it is much easier to find wiring that can withstand temperatures and above all is UL certified for the USA and Canada. Other frequent requests concern the search for connectors: thanks to our support, it is much less complicated to identify the most suitable ones for the required activity on the first attempt, particularly in the case of watertight connectors or particularly small ones.

In summary, the requests we receive daily can range from the most generic to the most specific, but our response is always punctual, precise and aimed at reducing the cost of wiring for the customer as much as possible.

The benefits of a targeted consultation

The advantages of a targeted consultation are: the optimization of the wiring, reduction of times in terms of mounting the wiring on the machinery, the choice of more suitable and higher quality components and the reduction in cost.
Moreover, we provide this type of advice to our customers free of charge.

The advantages to the customer in using our consulting service are therefore clear. Thanks to our advice, you can achieve wiring that is perfectly optimised and in synchrony with the type of activity envisaged, a choice that will consequently decrease assembly times on the machinery by accelerating its starting up. The selection of the required components will undoubtedly be quick, but at the same time specific and appropriate to the needs expressed by the customer, who will benefit from a higher quality product and a net saving in costs incurred. In short, the customer will be comprehensively supported throughout the entire selection, purchase and installation process, and can count on the advice of a professional in the sector who will adapt the entire operation exactly to the individual case in hand. As if that weren't enough, the entire consulting service is completely free for customers who decide to use ErreBi products: a small gift to demonstrate once again how much we value our clients, and, how important their satisfaction is to us.

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