The robotics sector concerns a branch of engineering that studies and creates automated systems capable of carrying out specific tasks and actions, replacing the physical work of man. Think for example of the mechanical arms that move heavy machinery in factories. Another area of the robotics sector in continuous development is represented by home automation, or robotics applied to the home environment. We are talking about devices that are able to move around and perform simple household tasks such as vacuuming without the help of a human being, or the fact of being able to turn the lights on and off by voice command. This is a decidedly innovative and revolutionary sector, which requires ever-new tools to progress: even the wiring related to it, therefore, represents an area of production in constant growth and development.

Characteristics of components for robotics

As we have seen, robotics finds application in numerous fields (domestic, biomedical, industrial, military and many others). The cables belonging to this sector, therefore, will also be various and differentiated from each other. They range from more traditional cables such as those found in classic switches and devices (voltage cables, cables with connectors, twisted cables) up to more technical and sector-specific wiring.

In the case of the latter, we find, for example, linear leads, extensible cables, spiral cables and all those connection cables which can guarantee good resistance to twisting and bending, in order to offer greater reliability to the systems and machinery in which they are employed.

Custom planning

As with all the sectors in which we operate, for the robotics field we provide a customized planning service involving wiring and assemblies, aiming to meet the client's needs and adapt our work as far as possible to the required function. To plan and subsequently create a wiring layout that meets the client's needs, our technicians carry out a site inspection to understand in detail the machinery to be wired, the spaces in which it operates and the possible need for a support structure, before identifying the specific product to be installed. This process undoubtedly accelerates the production process, ensuring that the client receives a service that conforms perfectly with his requirements and, consequently, is able to reduce both the times and costs of implementation.

Specific advice

In a sector such as robotics it can often be complicated to independently work out which type of wiring suits your machinery or the function you require, even more so if the product required is a particularly complex assembly. To overcome this type of problem, we make the knowledge of our experts available to clients on a daily basis, providing advice in identifying the right product for the specific function and, if necessary, recommending the most suitable structure to support its implementation. The objective is, of course, to frame the situation in the shortest possible time and find the most effective resolution of any doubt, so as to guarantee the client a satisfactory service whilst also optimizing their value for money.

Targeted assitance

The assistance service is available for all the areas in which we operate and therefore, consequently, also for the robotics sector. Our technicians provide specific assistance on all wiring and assemblies installed, analysing the problem and intervening in a targeted manner after identifying the malfunction. Interventions may concern the assembly in its entirety or even just a single cable, which can be efficiently identified and replaced allowing the machinery to return to operation as soon as possible. The skills of our experts cover all the sectors in which our company operates, enabling them to understand the problem in context, but also to grasp the specific details of the field in question.

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