Our staff is constantly working to process orders and requests in the shortest possible time, trying to meet the customer's needs and make the delivery within the expected deadlines.

With regard to specific needs and urgencies, the usual process can be accelerated and production started with extraordinary speed, by exiting the ordinary work cycle and managing the order as a priority. Production can therefore start within 24 hours from the time of order, subject to acceptance of the estimate and availability of the necessary material.

The management of urgent deliveries, given the different variables that could arise and influence production and delivery times, cannot be guaranteed for any type of order. Production is in fact subject to potential logistical impediments to do with receipt of specific materials which would make it impossible to reduce time frames. Every urgent request is therefore subjected to careful evaluation before being accepted as such and confirmed to the customer.

Managing an urgent delivery, outside of the usual production cycle, clearly entails a surcharge with an assessment subject to an estimate, which may vary depending on the complexity and the amount of work to be done. Once the customer's acceptance has been obtained and the logistical availability of the necessary materials has been verified, we ensure production starts within the following 24 hours and consequent delivery by the requested date.

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