A customized wiring service does not only consist in consulting and support in the choice of components, but is starts right from the design and construction of the wiring itself in all its parts. The service offered to the customer therefore starts with the careful study of the individual situation in order to understand specific needs, and then propose the most suitable solution. To do this, our experts visit the customer, carrying out a detailed analysis of the device to be wired, the surrounding environment, and any structure that will need to support the application of the components. They then identify the best type of wiring in order to optimize costs and enable the graphic design stage to begin. In addition to its wiring section, ErreBi also counts on personnel who are highly specialized in the design of hardware and software, thus providing our customers with a complete service, capable of responding to their needs in every field, a mark of versatility and professionalism.

The planning phases

The plan must be outlined at various stages, from the moment of the site inspection to the concrete realization of the final product chosen in agreement with the customer. The first step is usually the visit to the customer's premises by one of our experts, who will analyse the machinery that must be wired and collect all the necessary information so as to better set up the project. The most important data usually concern the type of wires to use - the length, cross section, route and potentially protection in the event that the wiring will be particularly exposed or vulnerable. The next step is to choose the most suitable components for the specific sector, aiming to define the concrete activity of the machinery and thus choose the elements that are most appropriate to the work to be carried out. However, wiring often needs a support structure, and this must be researched, designed and adapted to the shape and size of the device to be wired, in order to facilitate as quick and simple an assembly as possible. Once the on-site analysis phase has been completed and all the information has been collected, the process of designing the wiring and the structure can begin. This will be designed and adapted specifically for the case in question, and will therefore fully satisfy the client's requirements.

Which factors to consider

During the site inspection we see that our expert must consider a multitude of factors, since the environment where the work is to take place and the machinery to be wired can vary enormously according to the customer's working sector and the activity carried out. So let's try to go into more detail regarding the elements to be analysed for a design that is as personalized and above all effective as possible. The first issue of note concerns the regulatory environment: study of the laws and rules according to which the machinery will then be sold is essential in order to design wiring that is in accordance with the law and will pose no future problem either to the customer during the commercial phase or to the end user. As regards the environment in which the device is located and in which the wires must be applied, temperature and absorption must be carefully considered, taking into account any sudden changes and making sure that during the activity no damage of any sort can occur to the entirety of the wiring. It is the research stage which permits you to understand whether the installation of the cables should be fixed or mobile and also, returning to the question of safety, whether or not the wires will be exposed to any sharp points on their route. In cases like this, the design will call for special anti-cut protection sheaths, to ensure the cabling works perfectly even in potentially vulnerable situations. Finally, to facilitate the subsequent installation operations, the expert carefully evaluates which is the best assembly method for the specific machinery, identifying any complexities and setting up the job so as not to arrive unprepared at the moment of actual application.

As we have seen, the work which precedes the real planning stage is long and full of details, but it is a necessary process in order to guarantee a quality product that is perfectly suited to the specific needs of the customer.

Come si è potuto notare il lavoro preliminare alla progettazione vera e propria è lungo e ricco di dettagli, ma è un processo necessario a garantire un prodotto di qualità e perfettamente adeguato alla specifica esigenza del cliente.

The cost of the service

Our goal is always to actively cooperate with the customer, trying to satisfy their requests while optimizing costs. To do this, of course, the estimate we have drawn up may vary from time to time according to the operations to be carried out and the single device to be wired which, as seen, can conceal various problems and installation difficulties. Despite this, our customer service is able to overcome any possible obstacle and, should you decide to choose us, we guarantee we will reach agreement on the cost of the planning. Clearly, the amount of work to be carried out can affect the final discount: simple and quick designs without too many critical issues may be considered a complimentary gift from us following the purchase of the product, while the cost of more elaborate designs can be incorporated into the first production order. ErreBi will always move to meet the customer's needs, with the certainty that competence and quality are in any case a guarantee of full satisfaction.

Support for production

In addition to obtaining the advice of an expert in the sector and a wiring plan thoroughly suited to the specific machinery then, the customer will find important benefits regarding installation times and above all on total costs. What would happen if the purchased wiring did not exactly conform to the application on the device? How much would the components cost if they weren't those specific to the working sector in question? How much would it cost if a support structure is needed to affix the wiring? How much time would you lose if you only noticed this at the time of assembly? These are questions that a customer is unlikely to ask in advance, but they are factors which would then have to be taken into account later on. Relying on an expert, on the other hand, means foreseeing any obstacles, bypassing them in advance and choosing exactly the right product for the required activity, avoiding wasting time unnecessarily and above all saving the costs of any wrong choices. With ErreBi everything will be exactly as it should be: simple, effective and, above all, convenient.

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