The production of electrical panels takes happens following particularly distinct steps which are monitored in minute detail by management software and specialist personnel, in order to minimize any errors and provide the customer with a high-quality product. The operational differentiation capacity of our departments allows us to also automate the panel wiring, which happens thanks to specific production machines that are in the possession of few classic panel builders. The ability to provide both electrical panels and their wiring allows us to participate in different sectors as well as in support of companies in similar sectors, wiring the unique panels by hand but at the same time taking care of the entirety of production and installation of panels in series.

Production process

The first phase of the production process is contact with the client, during which a preliminary assessment is made. This is essential to our ability to offer an adequate response regarding service feasibility and, above all, the exact timings to cover production and delivery. Once the details of the client's request have been analysed, a detailed quote is drawn up on the entirety of the service to be executed, presented with a cost table and a possible shipping date. As stated above, each phase of production is meticulously followed by both the monitoring software and by specialist operators, minimizing the possibility of errors and verifying the quality of the end product with final tests and inspections. Delivery to the client therefore only takes place at the end of careful quality checks, in compliance with the initial requests and in anticipation of possible difficulties or issues that might occur over time.

Receipt of schematic and specifications

To guarantee a linear process and a quality electrical panel, it is essential that the client ensures complete collaboration in providing precise, accurate data on the service requested. Allowing our experts effective preliminary analysis is the client's full interest, as this is how to make the avoidance of further checks, clarifications, requests and inspections possible - which, although inevitable in order to start production effectively, would also take up time that might instead be used in the immediate start of the works. In order to draw up a reliable, detailed estimate, that our personnel have awareness of every single specification of the proposed project is necessary, which only becomes possible on receipt of all the necessary elements.

Quote Formulation

On receiving all the information necessary for the preliminary analysis, it becomes possible to formulate a detailed estimate illustrating the costs and delivery times to the client. Clearly, everything can vary according to production volume and complexity: the production of a simple electrical panel can in fact be very different from the structuring of panel boards in series, which require a wiring system integrated. As stated, ErreBi has the ability to take care of the entire project thanks to machinery and specialist personnel, but for each specific case an even more in-depth analysis as well as on-site inspections are required to determine the need for any structures or particular difficulties that might be encountered at the point of installation. For the generation of an estimate, all checks are taken into account alongside all other aspects projected job, offering the client a quote that is straightforward and transparent in every detail. Upon client confirmation, and in the absence of anomalies found in the documentation provided, production can thus definitively go ahead. 

Production process

The entire production process occurs fully computerized, with the documentation passing in electronic format on the diagrams present at the various workstations. At this point, each operator's calendar is updated with the new order, which is processed on the basis of the division determined on the days set out. Thanks to the accuracy of the software, it is possible to monitor the progress of the product step by step; trace who is working on it at the point of verification and also check the emergence during the production process of any anomalies to bring to the client's attention.

Inspection and insulation testing

Even with the completion of all the intervention phases, the process may only be considered finished at the end of a further quality control and a test to verify the functionality of the final product. This phase is certainly one of the most delicate in the entire process, as it represents the last filter before the installation of the panel board and, therefore, the supplying of the service to the end client. In fact, ErreBi provides for specific tests for insulation tests, carried out with accuracy and meticulousness to guarantee the most complete safety of the equipment. Often, due to excessive mechanical or thermal stresses, it is possible that the quality of the insulation of the circuits comes into question, through small defects that are difficult to identify by a simple visual examination. Our departments are therefore equipped to carry out instrumental tests capable of identifying any issues even in points on the wiring that are not visible, soliciting voltage and temperature according to the regulations and based on the device under analysis. Only after passing all testing can the product be prepared for delivery and installation. 

Processing and types of electrical panels

Based on the customer's needs, we are able to produce and install different types of electrical panels, both single and in series with automated wiring. The option of creating electrical distribution, automation and on-board panels  means our collaborating with a wide range of sectors, in every case managing to provide a quality service thanks to the preparation and professionalism of our experts. 

Our major strength is our being equipped with different types and kinds of machinery, which in addition to standard processing types allow us to undertake other activities such as:

  • Laser and CNC cutting for metalwork and bottom plate processing;
  • DIN bar cutting;
  • Cutting, drilling and bending of copper and aluminium bars;
  • Resistance welding for metalwork;
  • Laser and diamond tip engraving for screen printing.

The ability to carry out all operations internally and personnel preparation - both in terms of panel boards and wiring - allow us to work in various fields of use while maintaining a high-quality standard.

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