The competence, professionalism and versatility of ErreBi Cablaggi's staff guarantees a diversification of activities such that we are able to offer customers as complete a service as is possible. Precisely for this reason, in addition to the production and application of wiring for different sectors, we are able to set up a wide range of electromechanical assemblies with different characteristics and uses, which can be used in multiple work contexts.

Our experts are able, in fact, not only to wire, but also to mechanically and electronically assemble products, so as to deliver an instrument that is already operational or, if preferred, ready to be optimized or refined by the buyer in accordance with their specific needs. The purchase of finished or semi-finished products guarantees the customer a saving in terms of time, work, logistics and money, along with the security of having a quality tool created by the skill and passion of true experts in the sector.

Electromechanical assembly of finished product

By electromechanical assembly of finished products, we mean a product that we not only wired but also assembled mechanically and electronically (if software programming is also involved) in full, complete with full functional testing and ready to be sold by our client to the end user.

The electromechanical assemblies we create can concern both finished and semi-finished products. Finished products are overseen by our experts throughout the entire manufacturing process: clearly the bulk of the attention goes to the electronic and mechanical parts, but our staff's high level of competence means we can take care of any software programming and final testing, guaranteeing that the client acquires a product that is 100% functional and operational. The products we create guarantee quality and performance, such as our Rat Catching System, currently one of the most requested products by our users. It is a remote control system that works with the Lowaran protocol: it can be configured and remotely controlled via PC, tablet or smartphone, allowing the user to manage its activity at any time and regardless of whether he/she is actually present in the place where the trap is required to operate. This remote capture system has been conceived, designed and assembled by us in all its parts, both as regards the mechanics and its hardware and software. As with this creation, of which we are very proud, all our assemblies are the result of work, experience and passion: values that are recognized by our customers and which result in their total satisfaction with the quality of the products purchased.

Factors that govern the choice of the type of assembly

The advantages of commissioning us with the assembly are many:

  • swe not only have machinery for the production of wiring, but also for the processing of mechanical parts (such as cnc, laser cutting, laser engraving, 3d printers, etc...) and this makes us very price-competitive.
  • We have trained staff to carry out these processes and we can structure assembly lines to reduce production times and consequently reduce costs.
  • The client does not have to worry about purchase management and logistics for the components as they would if they were to perform these activities internally, resulting in fewer activities to manage and a lower load for warehouses.
  • Should we be commissioned to produce the complete product, the client is free to concentrate all their efforts on the commercial side, increasing sales, while we take care of the rest.

Buying a finished or semi-finished electromechanical assembly rather than producing it in-house could be seen by some as a bold investment or in any case a distribution of labour that could lead to time being wasted. In reality, the advantages for a company are numerous, and in particular relying on ErreBi is a guarantee not only of quality, but also of savings in economic terms and when it comes to organization of work.
Our company, although specializing in wiring, has a range of machinery for use in the processing of mechanical parts of the products, such as CNC machining, laser cutting and engraving and 3D printers. Our staff is also highly qualified for this kind of work, structuring assembly lines and monitoring the process in all its phases at the same time. Handling the assembly in every detail, starting from the wiring but also working on the electronic and mechanical parts, significantly reduces production times and consequently translates into a reduction in costs for the customer.
In addition to economic savings, the customer will not have to worry about finding, purchasing, shipping and storing the various components in the warehouse as they would if they carried out the activity internally. Management and logistics are synthesized in the purchase of a finished or semi-finished product, minimizing work and above all lightening the load for transporters and warehouse workers. Being freed from assembly operations leaves the company able to concentrate all their efforts on the commercial sector, thus strengthening the network and facilitating sales opportunities. In short, entrusting technical assembly to professionals in the sector able to take care of every element can constitute a real turning point for reorganizing your production process, reducing costs and dedicating yourself to sales without any kind of concerns.

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