Our experts' skill in identifying the client's specific needs and implementing the wiring layout best suited to the situation goes hand in hand with our ability to create the tools, structures and components necessary to achieve the desired service directly on site. Indeed, we are specialized in the processing of a great range of different types of materials, and thus able to compose and finish every element of an effective and high-quality wiring installation - right from the raw materials.

What do we produce

The “secret” to creating high-performance and long-lasting products is undoubtedly the quality of the raw materials, which our experts carefully select for each specific activity to be carried out. Indeed, each material requires a different treatment, just as the specific processing changes according to the final product you need. Laser cutting can be performed on materials such as steel or plastic, and milling employed when increased precision is necessary for the finishing of both small and large tools. Lasers can also be used for precision engraving and marking, while die casting is the perfect demonstration of the way in which a raw material can be broken down and reconstituted to create new components. All these processes can be performed exclusively thanks to cutting-edge machinery and instruments, used by expert personnel who are constantly updated on new techniques.

Laser cutting

Laser cutting is a process that allows you to quickly and accurately reduce large materials by adapting them to your specific need. Thanks to this type of activity it is possible to work on sheets of different materials, and subject them to post-processing via heat treatments or coatings. In summary, therefore, the advantage of laser cutting is that you can customize processing based on the raw materials and finishes desired, resulting in accurate work in a particularly reduced time frame.

Die casting

Die casting is the process of collecting a material melted for this purpose at a very high temperature in specially-designed moulds, where it is shaped according to the tool to be recreated. The concept is that of first decomposing the raw material in order to then reconstitute it in a new form, exploiting its strengths and transferring its qualities into the new product. Die-casting is carried out on "islands" at which work is carried out at very high levels of temperature and pressure. Through gradual steps, the metal - usually steel or aluminium - changes its state without losing its characteristics. The main advantage of this process is that it enables the production of fairly complex shapes whilst maintaining high quality standards and, above all, ensuring repeatability, owing to the precision of the moulds and the attention of the staff in checking pressure and temperature levels during processing.

Laser engraving

The use of laser machinery is appropriate not only for cutting operations, but also and above all for much more precise and meticulous activities. We are referring to the task of engraving, which can be carried out on many types of materials. The precision and attention to detail offered by the laser guarantees quality and reliability, essential characteristics for ablation, blackening and colour change, but also removal and carbonization. In fact, the marking of labels is one of the most requested processes, whether on metal or plastic materials.

Milling operations

Milling is used to obtain a particularly well-defined surface starting from a raw material. The milling cutter actually removes part of the material, gradually refining it to arrive at the required shape and size. Machining requires a high-quality machine and precision on the part of those who use it, since to arrive at the established objective both cutting speed and progressive advancement of the material must be carefully defined.

Why rely on us

Experience, professionalism, availability: watchwords that ensure quality of service regardless of context. Choosing Errebi Cablaggi means relying on specialists who not only identify exactly what the customer needs and find the correct solution to their problems, but who also choose the right raw materials to create in-house the components necessary for the specific job, using modern tools for processing that is always fast and accurate. In contexts such as wiring, a do-it-yourself approach almost never pays: choosing professionals who can literally complete your project from A to Z, on the contrary, gives peace of mind, quality and savings.

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